Service Guarantee

Ray Wehbe Real Estate (Landlord services)

Question: Why Choose Ray Wehbe Real Estate when it comes to managing one of your most valued assets?

Answer: Because we have the expertise and industry knowledge when it comes to property management.

At Ray Wehbe Real Estate, we have a dedicated specialist team with a combined 30 years of experience whose sole function is property management.

Today’s society is busy and owning an investment property shouldn’t be a time consuming burden. So please consider Ray Wehbe real estate to look after one of your most valued asset, professionally. Let us do all the behind the scenes work with our dedicated and professional property management team.

We manage a wide range of properties for our clients. We manage and have on our books everything from multi-unit apartment blocks to single dwelling residence.

At Ray Wehbe Real Estate we add qualitative and intrinsic values to your peace of mind, such as and not limited to:

  • Dedicated and experienced specialist property management team.
  • Meticulous, tenant selection process for your valued asset.
  • Single point of contact between the landlord (you the owner) and a member of our specialist team, all to ensure smooth and effective communications.
  • Monthly statement issued to the landlord for your reference.
  • Annual statement for your taxation perusal / reference issued.
  • Keeping your property correctly maintained to assist in preventing small issues becoming big costly matters.
  • Ensuring maximum return on your asset by reviewing the rental market twice annually and recommending if any rent adjustment is required to optimise your return on the asset.
  • Organise repairs and maintenance on your behalf, with consultation where practical.
  • Regular property inspections and tenant contact is ongoing to ensure your asset is being properly looked after and maintained. This is reported back to the landlord for your reference and peace of mind.
  • Calculate and collect water usage on your behalf (if applicable).
  • Attend to property valuation on your behalf.
  • Carry out bond inspections on your behalf.
  • Lodge insurance claims on your behalf.

Our Guarantee

We at Ray Wehbe Real Estate understand property management to the core and we know what clients expect when it comes to managing of one of your most valued assets.

So please consider what Ray Wehbe Real Estate have to offer when it comes to property management, then breathe easy, relax and enjoy the fruits of your hard work because you can be assured your asset is being managed by experienced professionals.